There was an industrial revolution that marked a major turning point in human history. Improvements in farming, manufacturing and transportation changed business, commerce and daily life.

There has been a technological revolution. Modern day pocket calculators now far surpass the abilities of original “super-computers.” Technology now forms the backbone of modern life. It’s influence has touched nearly ever aspect of human society.

The changes made in each of these revolutions has completely re-defined how the world functions and brought about a new way of life previously unimaginable.

It’s now time for a Humanitarian Revolution. The great advancements society has made in other areas must now be made in the area of human dignity.

It’s time to eliminate extreme poverty and all it’s horrible implications.

Now, more than ever, this revolution is possible.

We don’t lack resources, only will.

We don’t lack ability, only determination.

We don’t lack opportunities, only action.

We are the generation that will see the end of poverty on Earth.

We are revolutionary

The Humanitarian Manifesto

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